Why Have Your Resume Written Professionally? 

Many people don’t want to use the services of a Professional Resume Writer because it is too expensive. However, I would like you to keep in mind what I’m about to say……….

Whether or not to have someone write your resume for you is a personal decision. Based on experience, however, very few people who have had their resumes professionally written have regretted their decision. Why? Because after they saw how big of a difference their revamped resume was compared to their original one, they realized they made the right decision. Also, throughout the resume writing process, they gained an appreciation for the work that Resume Writers do.

New Graduates: If you are a new graduate, chances are that you have access to counselors at your career center that can help you. They will look at a draft of your resume and give you some pointers. They will not draft your resume for you however. Only a professional resume writer will do that….or maybe a good friend! The good thing is that it will not cost too much to have your resume written by a professional because you are still junior.

Professionals and Managers: Whether you are:

  • Unemployed and looking for a job;
  • Employed but hate your job;
  • Employed but looking for a better job;
  • A person looking to return to the workforce after a period of absence; or
  • Employed but looking to change careers,


.....you all need the same thing. You need to make a good first impression in order to secure a job interview. That’s all it comes down to at the end of the day. By the time you see a job posting or become aware of an opening that interests you, others will also have become aware of the same opportunity. This is an inherent part of the competitive job search process. Employers have a need – they need the most qualified candidates working for them – and you come to them with an offer – you are the best person for the job. Indeed, there is no reward for second place finishers. Being qualified and being able to convey your qualifications are two separate things.

Executives: You should be able to afford to have your resume professionally written. At your level of competition, there is definitely no room for mistakes. You will be competing with the best and you need to be better than them. Not hiring a professional resume writer at your level is an inexcusable mistake.

A professionally written resume goes beyond securing job interviews. Once you are hired, it can also have a direct impact on your salary negotiation. That’s right. You will recoup the cost of your investment…..in addition to saving you a lot of time and frustration.




“I’m a COO of a non-profit organization and was looking to change industries. One Stop Resume Shop helped me achieve this. I had experience in 1 field most of my life, so I wasn’t sure how to show that my skills would transition to any other industry. Stacy Hagan knew how to do this and she showcased my skills, qualifications, and achievements better than anyone. I’m now in my dream job and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much!”

5/26/17, Frank W., Springdale, AR



“I’m so glad I made the decision to call Stacy Hagan to help me. I saw a post someone had shared on Facebook, so I looked on her website. She is certified and I also wanted to support a small, local business. I made the right decision in using her. I submitted my new resume to over 6 jobs and got calls for interviews for 4 of them. I even had to turn down an interview. Thank you so much Stacy.”

10/10/16, Susan J., Haskell, AR



“Thank you One Stop Resume Shop for helping me with my resume and cover letter. I had no idea where to start and I didn’t want to go with a big company. I called Stacy Hagan and she had my professional resume done within 4 days. I was so impressed and am telling everyone I know about her services.”

6/3/16, Janine R., Little Rock, AR



“I had never done a resume in my life due to owning my company. I decided to sell my company and was offered a position with a partner that I worked closely with. This was a high-level job and I needed a resume to submit for their official records and to make me look very qualified and fit for the job. Stacy helped me achieve this! Thank you so much!”

4/9/16, Steve D., Batesville, AR



“One Stop Resume Shop is the way to go! Stacy has years of first-hand experience writing resumes and is  Certified. Her prices are great, all packages include a cover letter, and you get to work one-on-one with someone instead of a company who just uses a template. My resume doesn’t look like anyone else’s I’ve seen, besides maybe a high-level person. She knows what she’s doing! Thank you!

12/15/15, Shane S., Batesville, AR



“I wanted to thank you for such an incredible job you did on my resume and cover letter. I’ve accepted a position at Omni Air International and move next month. I began getting interviews immediately after applying with my new resume. It was pretty crazy! Thanks again and I’ll definitely be referring you to friends.”

9/4/15, Jacob K., Tulsa, OK



“I’ve been putting off updating my resume and just remained at my dead-end job for years, until I found One Stop Resume Shop. Stacy’s process was so easy and seamless, and was completed within a week. We talked via phone, email and texts, which gave her the ability to get answers quickly without having to meet in an office somewhere. She completely reformatted my resume and it looks awesome! I can’t wait to start sending it out.”

7/29/15, Amanda F., Jonesboro, AR



“Stacy, I wanted to let you know I’ve already received 2 interviews and I’ve only applied to 3 positions since you updated my resume. Great cover letter too! Now I just have to sell myselfJ I now see the importance of a Certified Resume Writer and wish I had used you sooner. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

4/2/15, Courtney A., Little Rock, AR



“Thank you Stacy for your hard work! I have landed a job with an IT company that was beyond my wildest dreams. Your resume opened so many doors, that I actually had 2 job offers at the same time. Your prices are amazing, turnaround time is great, and very easy to work with. I’m so glad I didn’t go with a big company who would’ve treated me like a number. Great work!”

2/3/15, Bart H., Fayetteville. AR



“Wow is all I can say! You made me sound amazing. I have more skills than I thought I had, because you showcased them up front and center. You made me think of things I wouldn’t have thought of on my own and tailored it to suit me perfectly. Thank you Stacy for working so hard on this. You were so personable and easy to work with. I can’t wait to start sending out my new and improved resume!”

10/14/14, John B., Memphis, TN



“I just wanted to tell you Thank You for your incredible service! It was well worth the price. I received 3  interviews out of 4 jobs I applied to the next week, where I was getting no calls with my old resume. Thanks for working so diligently and getting it just right!”

7/6/14, Sheila M., Fort Smith, AR



“Stacy, just want to let you know that you did an outstanding job on my resume, completed it on rather short notice and produced impeccable results.  From the layout to specializing and highlighting key components, you did a great job.  The resume you developed for me provided a great starting point which led to my new career as an Operations Manager with Amazon located at their HQ in Seattle, Washington. Highly recommend Stacy's services to any serious business professional looking to further their career path!  Thank you Stacy!”

5/26/14, James P., Seattle, WA 



“I’m so glad I found you! You were by far the best quality for the best price! Thank you for getting it done so quickly. You nailed it! I’m going to tell everyone I know about One Stop Resume Shop. Thanks again!"

2/28/14, Sherry W., Mempis, TN



“Stacy, I wanted to let you know how well your resume and cover did for me.  I

am now working for an international mining consortium.  I travel to Northern

Canada, Peru, Africa, Sumatra, Australia, China, and various locations in the

Middle East. Your expertise certainly helped me to stand out of the many

applicants. Thanks.”

12/4/13, Randy D., Sheridan, AR



“Thanks One Stop Resume Shop for helping me with my resume and cover

letter. My resume looked very professional, highlighted key words and skills to

fit the job, and was completed quickly. I feel certain I will land a new job!"

10/1/13, Jamie F., Little Rock, AR 



One Stop Resume Shop created Nikki’s resume. Over 175 resumes were

received for this position and Nikki’s was 1 of 10 chosen for an interview……she

did the rest!







“I appreciate Stacy Hagan updating my resume with a new look. I had the same

looking resume for too long. I highly recommend Stacy helping anyone who

needs a new looking resume. Thank you for your help!”

6/3/13, Brett C., Bryant, AR



“First of all, thank you for getting back with me so quickly….. I needed to apply

for a job within a few days before it closed, and you completed my resume

within that time frame. It focused on my field of work and was so specific to me.

I will definitely recommend you to others!”

2/16/13, Lori K., Denver, CO



“Stacy, you were so nice and great to work with. Your turnaround time was

quick and you worked with me until it was exactly how I wanted it (I kept

remembering trainings I had attended). Your work is very professional and is

the best price I could find. Thank you.”

9/4/12, Sara M., Cabot, AR



“Just wanted to tell you thank you. I’ve already gotten several interviews

within a month of sending out my new resume. It’s definitely working! I wish I

would’ve used your service sooner.”

7/11/12, Jason R., Frisco, TX



“I’m so thankful my friend recommended your service to me. You completely

updated my resume to make it look better than I could have ever imagined.

You used keywords that were just right for the industry I’m in and it sounds

awesome! Thank you for helping me.”

3/2/12, Richard G, Little Rock, AR